“Why Chiropractors Waste Time”

As you know, we all get 24 hours a day.

So with that said, why do some D.C.s succeed and the rest continue to struggle?

I have the reason.

Successful D.C.s tend NOT to waste time.

They don’t waste time…

  • Thinking about things and/or people they can’t control.
  • Doing things that are not productive.
  • Wondering why things are the way that they are; instead, they accept it and use it to their advantage!

Sounds obvious, right?

I totally agree with you.

But then, why is this happening?

Why do Chiropractors “waste time…”?

It’s because, if they didn’t, they’d actually have to learn new skills, new way of thinking, and actually get things done.

Give up one bad time wasting habit at a time and replace it with a good one.

That’s really all it takes!


Watching your back,

Ben Altadonna