Sample Chiropractic Business Cards

Even though my company does practice building for doctors so they don’t have to, all of them still use business cards.

I personally do not have a business card nor does anyone who works for me.


Because if I meet someone, I want THEIR card so that I CAN CONTROL the next step.

If I just give them my card, they’re going to lose it, purposely throw it away, or just use the corners as dental floss.

See, as you know, I’m in the business of not only creating relationships, but nurturing them over a lifetime.

…and YOU should do the exact same thing.

So, when YOU meet someone, get THEIR card and let me take it from there for you.

Okay, since you are still going to get chiropractic business cards made or eventually replenish the ones you got, here’s a few tips:

#1. – YOU ARE A DOCTOR. Your card should be very clean and simple. No colors or fancy graphics needed. I prefer white cardstock paper and black ink. No fancy fonts. Personally I like the “Georgia” font.

#2. – Your practice name should not confuse the prospect or give them the impression that you are not a mainstream Chiropractor. For more on practice names, go to my blog at:

#3. – Your message on your card should tell them EXACTLY what they want to hear (If your practice name is simple and doesn’t really convey a benefit, add a tag line. See samples below) and not say anything that should only be said AFTER they become a patient. This means do not mention that Chiropractic may be good for asthma, ear infections… or that you treat infants, entire families, wellness care… anything controversial. (Personally I wouldn’t even go into this once they become a patient. I’ll write about why in a future email to you.)

#4. – Your card must have information that also benefits your current patients; otherwise create two versions, one for prospects and one for your front desk. I’m referring to things like office hours and next appointment info.

#5 – Your card should drive them to your website/s; either your main site , blog or all of them. If just your main site, make sure your main site also links to your other sites.

For the reasons mentioned above, here’s a few examples of what I like (if you don’t see an image below, make sure to enable images in emails from us):

See a pattern?

Each card is not controversial.

It addresses their fears and concerns.

Is clean and simple.

Listen, I know that some of you may be saying, “What about headaches?…Car Accidents, Fibromyalgia?”


“There’s a lot more to Chiropractic than just neck and back pain relief!!!…how about spinal correction?”

…so please don’t email me, call me, or write me telling me that I’m off my rocker. :-)


You must FIRST get patients in your door.

The majority of new patients who were NOT referred in, have either neck or back pain.


ANYTHING that goes against their EXISTING belief system, will be thrown out.

If you want to build a practice, let us do it for you because we work in the “real world” and not the “should be” world.

People are people. There are things about them that will never change…accept it or continue to struggle.


Watching your back,

Ben Altadonna