“Practice Stress Management 2/5″

Without a doubt, your current practice and income is merely an exact reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and how you react to practice stress… and that’s what I’ll be talking about in this week’s “Time To Think™” emails…

If you didn’t read yesterday’s email, today’s email won’t make any sense. So, for your convenience, at the bottom of today’s email, I will include yesterday’s email.

Okay, did you make your list?


Let’s start with the things you think you can change:

Get a 8 ½” by 11″ notepad and use this notepad exclusively for the things you think you can change.

Transfer those things onto this notepad and devote one page per item putting what you think is the easiest thing to deal with first and the most difficult challenge last.

Put that item/issue on the top of its own page as the title of that page.

Work on the first page first. Don’t even pay attention to the rest of the pages.

On that page, write down what you feel are the action steps necessary to resolve this challenge and include deadlines for each and every step.

Some of the action steps may require getting help and that’s okay.

If you’ve been unmotivated lately, break these steps into super easy, smaller steps.

That way, regardless if you devote 3 minutes or 3 hours to each step, you’ll complete that step in a day and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Complete the first step before moving on to the next step.

Regarding the list of practice related things you feel you can’t change that also stress you out…

First, do the same thing as above and create a separate notepad. This time, put them in the order of severity with the most severe stressor first.

Before moving on to the next page, handle each page ’til resolution which often means acceptance!

On these pages, ask yourself these questions and write down the answers.

Who says it’s bad? What’s the worst thing can happen and why is that a bad thing? (Chances are, you will grow through it and come out stronger, more confident, and a lot happier.)


Who can you talk to about it? Maybe someone can offer a solution that you’ve never considered or give you a different point of view that may be of value to you.

Next, as an exercise, for one week per page, act as though it doesn’t stress you out. No matter how hard it is, inwardly and outwardly pretend that it’s okay. For 7 days in a row ACT AS IF it is okay EVEN if you know that it is not.

See what opens up for you.

Then, asking the same questions and doing the same exercise, proceed to the next page…and so on.

The act of writing things down not only instantly alleviates some stress, it truly is how to grow through and past it.

From time to time I do these exact exercises and I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me.


Watching your back,

Ben Altadonna