Patient Management

“Managing” patients is an important part of running a successful practice; probably more important than “getting” them in the first place.

But often times, when we think of managing, we think of policies, motivation, and education.

…and although this may apply to your employees, it’s not what patients want to experience.

Patients don’t want to be managed.

Patients want to be heard.

Ideally, any communication to patients that is not directly related to what motivated them to see you in the first place should be automated and done outside of the adjusting room (and I’m not referring to patient compliance and referral strategies masked as “spinal care classes”).

We’ve taken most of the communication off the plate of doctors so they can concentrate on doctoring.

This is how you build credibility and trust with your patients, which then leads to the compliance and referrals that make a self sustaining, stable and easy-to-run practice.


Watching your back,

Ben Altadonna