You Don’t Have To Have “A Goal”

In my experience, most goals aren’t and cannot be achieved. Why? …because they are too far in the distance and a lot DOES happen between now and then. Things change. You change. This guy Tim Minchin makes some good points, particularly about goals.

Your Emotional Equity

I believe that I touched on this yesterday but today I’d like to expand upon it a bit. More often than not, emotion and business don’t mix…at least as it relates to making business decisions. Nevertheless, because we are emotional creatures, virtually everything we do has some emotional component to it. But, if you find […]

More Money, More Problems?

I think that we’d all agree, that the more money one has, the more time one needs to not only “manage the money” but maintain all those material possessions…. Several years ago, Tom Shadyac seemed to have it all: a multimillion-dollar career directing Hollywood blockbusters like Bruce Almighty and The Nutty Professor, a 17,000-square-foot mansion, […]

Top 10 Elegant Practice Building Solutions

Even though most people don’t like doing the same things over and over and over again, I have found that there’s actually a lot of elegance to it. Repetition is easy on the brain, saves time, creates leverage, reveals inefficiencies that can be corrected over time, and helps open a space for accurate thinking. Here […]

Why I Don’t Like Most Modalities

“Roller Tables” “Ultrasound” Ice Heat Therapeutic Exercises Massage They all have their place but in my opinion, they do more harm to a Chiropractic practice than they do good. I’m not saying that some, or maybe even most, of your patients could benefit from their use. I’m referring to the really big picture which, in […]