Chiropractic Marketing Math

There’s a saying in marketing, “If you don’t know how much a customer is worth, then how do you know how much you can spend to ‘get’ one?” The fact is, most D.C.s don’t know how much a patient is worth and/or they don’t spend enough to get one. They guess, but they don’t really […]

Why Patients Don’t Refer

This may be a hard pill to swallow but without a doubt, here are the reasons patients don’t refer: Personality conflict No wow factor/s Didn’t get what they wanted Didn’t enjoy the process Questioned the care plan No clear reason why others should choose you over all other options Didn’t value the care/experience as much […]

Missed appointments. Patient Drop Out. What To Do.

Chiropractors make this mistake often… A patient misses an appointment and/or drops out. The doctor talks to staff about it and either a letter or a phone call goes out to the patient. Being a bigger fan of results than process, if it worked, I’d say do it. But it rarely does nothing more than […]

Cool Lifestyle Websites

Since today is Friday and the majority of ChiroTrust doctors take every Friday off… and since December is a great month for reflection, relaxation, and prioritization, let’s have some fun. Today, I thought I’d share with you some lifestyle websites that, for one reason or another, have gotten my attention over the last 12 months. […]

“Common Patient Education Mistakes”

I touched on some of this yesterday. There’s a fine line between patient education and defending or selling… and the challenge is knowing who’s listening and who’s not, especially since the majority aren’t listening. And you don’t get to decide what is education and what is not.  It’s all perception. To make matters worse, “education” […]