All things being equal, I’d take freedom over money and in the last few years, what has created the most freedom for me is the act of elimination. I’ve given away things that I no longer need. . (Approximately 30 suits, office furnishings, old bikes, computers, books, properties, and most complexities.) I’ve eliminated non-productive habits. […]

Slow Down


For me, it’s all about being in the moment and enjoying the process. It’s not about the “end game” because for me, there is no end game. All I want is to keep doing what I am doing and continue ‘til my final day. To achieve this, every day is a microcosm of my entire […]

When Patients Need More Than Relief Care

Okay, so a patient comes in and you feel strongly that they need more than relief care. What should you do? Well, most consultants would tell you to show them their x-rays and scare them into compliance. Others would tell you to educate them about Chiropractic philosophy and the damaging effects of the subluxation. Both […]

Social Media Marketing For Chiropractors


The internet. Free online exposure. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Years ago, over here in the San Francisco Bay Area, people invested tens of millions of dollars attempting to build entire online-only businesses. Some made it big. Really big… but, the vast majority went belly up and many investors lost their entire life’s savings. You must […]