Cool Lifestyle Websites

Since today is Friday and the majority of ChiroTrust doctors take every Friday off… and since December is a great month for reflection, relaxation, and prioritization, let’s have some fun. Today, I thought I’d share with you some lifestyle websites that, for one reason or another, have gotten my attention over the last 12 months. […]

“Common Patient Education Mistakes”

I touched on some of this yesterday. There’s a fine line between patient education and defending or selling… and the challenge is knowing who’s listening and who’s not, especially since the majority aren’t listening. And you don’t get to decide what is education and what is not.  It’s all perception. To make matters worse, “education” […]

“How To Promote Yourself”

As a member, you should know the value of creating what I call “Fertile Ground.” Fertile Ground helps make everything else work and grow. Samples are… The name of your practice. The location and look of your office. Furnishings/Décor Personality and appearance of doctor and staff. Clinical skills Message-to-Market Match The right product/experience All this […]

Chiropractic Goal Setting Tips 5/5

Think Big Want to make “achieving” your goals easier? Pick goals that inspire you and those around you. Think big…and whenever possible, think OUT of the box. Want to practice in Hawaii? ( To you Hawaiian members…I’m jealous!) Want to practice only 3-4 days a week, afternoons/evenings only? Want to stay home and leave the […]