How Far Should You Plan In Advance?…And Why?

Ben Altadonna here with some refreshing news… The “future” is a big concept that for most, creates some worry and/or anxiety; mainly because of our addiction to control and fear of the unknown. I personally have found that in order to effectively get things done, get closer to goals, and still have a life full […]

Chiropractic Pep Rallys… Any Value?

Okay, I’m gonna go out on a limb today and just give you MY OPINION on seminars or consulting offered to Chiropractors designed to: Celebrate Chiropractic; its history, and it’s philosophy Increase positive thinking Get you off your butt to tell others about the power of Chiropractic. IS THERE ANY VALUE?

You know YOUR PRACTICE Is Successful When…

With your permission, I’ll be brief and blunt today. How you are “being” determines how successful you can be in practice. What areas below need work? Work on them and watch what opens up for you: A good spouse, parent, sibling, son, daughter or friend. (Or are you choosing to be right over the relationship?) […]

Brochures And Chiropractic

I’m often asked to review doctor’s brochure/s. They ALL look the same. 3 panels Tri-Folded Double-Sided Name Rank Serial Number Why do they all end up looking the same and including the same type of information?….

Doc, How Do You Protect Your Confidence?

I’m convinced that, without confidence, it’s really hard to succeed. You must have confidence in these four areas: 1. Confidence in your future 2. Confidence in your relationships 3. Confidence in your health 4. Confidence in your abilities Even high achievers spend a lot of their energy doing things to maintain their confidence.