Chiropractic Marketing

Why Winners Win And Losers Lose.

While losers struggle, barely survive, and ignore stats, staff, and systems, winners constantly look for new opportunities and focus on goals, planning, implementation, constant monitoring, and are not afraid to daily, weekly, and monthly boldly communicate to their staff, patients, and prospects.

And when it comes down to marketing, rather than being distracted from your practice by things they have little or no control over, winners stay FOCUSED on effectively marketing his or her practice…EVEN IF SUCH FOCUS SEEMS CALLOUS OR COLDHEARTED TO OTHERS.

If you think I am not talking to you, then answer this question…

“Can you diagram your marketing system, step-by-step, from lead generation to new patient processing, to patient procedures and management, through internal marketing for retention, re-activations, and referrals? If not, may I make a suggestion?

Go to a bookstore or online at and get Dan Kennedy’s book, “The Ultimate Marketing Plan.” It helped me stay FOCUSED and it will do the same for you. But before you do, if the thought of having overhead of $30,000 or more and collecting $75,000-$100,000 a month sounds out of your comfort zone or if you can’t see yourself in your mind’s eye being successful; seeing 200+ visits per week and implementing my 24-7 marketing system, then please get the book “The New Psycho-Cybernetics” or go to… because it’s not a marketing issue, it’s a self-image issue and unless you have a healthy self-image, somewhere in your marketing process, you’re going to think inaccurately and drop the ball.


Watching your back,

Ben Altadonna