The Chiropractic Business

What business are you really in?

Let me start by saying if you think you are in the “Chiropractic” business… you are DEAD WRONG.

Here’s what business you are really in (or should be in): The business of marketing Chiropractic. Why? Because that’s where you maximize your value.

Being a good Chiropractor doesn’t get you patients or make you money. Neither does technique, special water tables, whiz bang technology or whatever. The only thing that matters is the marketing you do and the experience your patients get once they come in.

Notice, I didn’t say RESULTS. No. I said EXPERIENCE. Big difference.

I’m sitting in Starbuck right now. Here’s a shocker: Starbuck’s doesn’t sell coffee. They sell an experience… at over $4.00 a cup! Neiman Marcus is the same. So is Disney.

The other day, my friend just told me all about her son’s Orthodontist. How he had a video game room and one of those claw machines for the kids. Her and her son went on and on about the EXPERIENCE in his office. Kids having THOUSANDS of dollars of work done. Never mentioned how good he was. Never mentioned results. Don’t kid yourself… she’s no exception.

All that starts with your marketing. Change your mindset and realize that you are in the business of marketing your Chiropractic EXPERIENCE. Not generic Chiropractic. Your Chiropractic EXPERIENCE.

Your time is best spent marketing your practice and making sure everyone that comes in has an incredible, unique experience they can NOT get anywhere else. For any price. People WILL pay for that. They will NOT pay you $60 per visit cash for generic Chiropractic if they can get it down the street from their HMO guy for a $5 co-pay.

Your marketing and experience will make you unique. Set you apart. HMO’s can’t compete with that. No one in your town can compete with that. If you can flip that switch… your practice and your life will never be the same.


Watching your back,

Ben Altadonna