How To Name Your Practice

Doc, What do you think of these actual practice names… Back To Health Back in Action Health Solutions 21st Century Chiropractic, P.C. True Life Wellness Treasure Coast Family Wellness The Living Tree Wellness Center The Family Chiropractic Office Smith Family and Sports Chiropractic Restorative Wellness Center Optimal Spine & Health Center Integrated Wellness First Choice […]

“Do You Know What Your Patients Want?”

I know what you might be thinking… because it’s exactly what our profession’s been struggling with since day one: “It’s not about what they think that they want, it’s about what they need to learn, get, and do and it’s our responsibility to make that happen!” Let’s break reality down… Wouldn’t you agree that there […]

“2 Words For Chiropractors: Stop It!”

Question: Are you still… A. Asking for referrals B. Conducting off site “Free Spinal Exams” C. Or giving 1st visit discounts??? STOP IT! It positions you poorly, Attracts the wrong people, and diminishes your self-respect. Instead do what most D.C.s don’t do: Provide a professional environment and experience. Position themselves as “mainstream”. Let patients go […]


As a D.C.s, we have the unique opportunity and honor to truly change people’s lives. In return we get to make a living doing what we love. For most of us, that’s enough. But if you wonder why most satisfied patients don’t verbalize their appreciation, or if you really can’t tell if your patients like […]