Top 3 Costly Practice Signage Mistakes


Living in California, I drive by a lot of Chiropractic offices… and when I do, I cringe. No wonder consumers are so confused. Most of these practice signs do a great job REPELLING patients. …and here are the top 3 offenders: Bad Name – “Chiropractor”, “Wellness”, or any cute name that is meant to “brand” […]

Every Chiropractor Who Joins ChiroTrust is Unique.


Every Chiropractor who joins ChiroTrust is unique. But what they fail to realize is that is their market isn’t. People are people. They all want a fair deal. They all know what they want. …and they all deserve a quality product, service, and experience. A doctor’s practice will practically grow without effort when and if […]

Market More


I don’t like advertising but I love marketing because when it comes to business, everything is marketing. Advertising is expecting your discounted offer and your name, rank, and serial number to make your phone to ring. Marketing attracts the right customers, clients, and patients at the right time, with the right message and solution, when […]

Social Media Marketing For Chiropractors


The internet. Free online exposure. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Years ago, over here in the San Francisco Bay Area, people invested tens of millions of dollars attempting to build entire online-only businesses. Some made it big. Really big… but, the vast majority went belly up and many investors lost their entire life’s savings. You must […]

Why Patients Don’t Refer

This may be a hard pill to swallow but without a doubt, here are the reasons patients don’t refer: Personality conflict No wow factor/s Didn’t get what they wanted Didn’t enjoy the process Questioned the care plan No clear reason why others should choose you over all other options Didn’t value the care/experience as much […]