Top 10 Elegant Practice Building Solutions

Even though most people don’t like doing the same things over and over and over again, I have found that there’s actually a lot of elegance to it. Repetition is easy on the brain, saves time, creates leverage, reveals inefficiencies that can be corrected over time, and helps open a space for accurate thinking. Here […]


There is no disputing how huge Facebook is. It has well over 1 billion users. That equates to about 1/7th of the total population of planet Earth. That’s why what I think about them doesn’t matter. They are humongous. But what I think about Chiropractors advertising on Facebook should matter to you. I’ve spent more […]

What Do I Really Think About Spinal Screenings?

Industry norms. They are how things are done because that’s how they’ve always been done. Every industry has them. Many times, industry norms ignore the wants, objections, and sensitivities of the marketplace and negatively impact the image of that type of business. Spinal screenings are a perfect example of this in our own industry. This […]

“It Is What It Is”

ACCURATE THINKING STRATEGY: “It Is What It Is” Want to eliminate most of the stress caused by practice and life? Do what I do. Adopt the “It Is What It Is” way of looking at the world as well as the people and situations in it. Does that mean that you don’t strive to improve […]