Why Patients Don’t Refer

This may be a hard pill to swallow but without a doubt, here are the reasons patients don’t refer: Personality conflict No wow factor/s Didn’t get what they wanted Didn’t enjoy the process Questioned the care plan No clear reason why others should choose you over all other options Didn’t value the care/experience as much […]

“How To Promote Yourself”

As a member, you should know the value of creating what I call “Fertile Ground.” Fertile Ground helps make everything else work and grow. Samples are… The name of your practice. The location and look of your office. Furnishings/Décor Personality and appearance of doctor and staff. Clinical skills Message-to-Market Match The right product/experience All this […]

Top 10 Elegant Practice Building Solutions

Even though most people don’t like doing the same things over and over and over again, I have found that there’s actually a lot of elegance to it. Repetition is easy on the brain, saves time, creates leverage, reveals inefficiencies that can be corrected over time, and helps open a space for accurate thinking. Here […]


There is no disputing how huge Facebook is. It has well over 1 billion users. That equates to about 1/7th of the total population of planet Earth. That’s why what I think about them doesn’t matter. They are humongous. But what I think about Chiropractors advertising on Facebook should matter to you. I’ve spent more […]