Brain Rebooting 1/5: ERASE THE PAST .

Do you know people who seem to be successful at almost everything that they do?

Does it seem like everything they do is virtually effortless?

Does it seem like they’ve mastered relationships, parenting, business, their health, and their happiness?

…and do you know people who always seem to struggle as if life is having a party and they weren’t invited? (If this sounds like you, then a brain rebooting is in order.)

Well, it’s not luck or lack of luck. It’s not how they were raised or what’s in their DNA.

During this week’s “Time To Think” emails, I will go over what I believe are the top 5 reasons people either succeed or fail in life and how to reboot how you think. (See below…)

These emails are for you. They won’t help anyone else but you.

See, the ONLY way you can help others is by first transforming yourself. Your influence on your friends, family, and patients comes from the changes they notice in you.


If blaming others or past circumstances was the key to creating a better life or practice, then almost everybody would be successful.

That’s why it is so important to erase the past and I mean E-R-A-S-E !

Let it all go. All of it.

Forget how easy or difficult things used to be. It’s all meaningless.

Be aware of your thoughts and your words. They are more valuable than money. They create and/or destroy everything.

It amazes me how many people waste their lives dwelling over the past.

These meaningless and false interpretations of the past take up space and until you eliminate them, nothing new and better will take their place.

It’s EXACTLY like trying to put 10 gigs of FALSE information onto a 5 gig hard drive. It’s impossible.

So, let it go and be okay with not knowing what to do or think next.

Get used to feeling what that’s like.

It’s part of the rebooting process.


Watching your back,

Ben Altadonna