“Saving Money” is Expensive


Here is my take on money. Of course, it is influenced by how I was raised and my past experience and it may not apply or work for you but so far, it’s worked for me. I was raised in a home where my mom stayed home and raised my older sister, me, and my […]


Like most of us, I have not had an easy life but am grateful for the journey. As a result, I’m pretty sure that I can handle anything else life has to offer. From sharing a room with my brother growing up, to being the skinniest kid in my senior class, to taking the bus […]


There is no disputing how huge Facebook is. It has well over 1 billion users. That equates to about 1/7th of the total population of planet Earth. That’s why what I think about them doesn’t matter. They are humongous. But what I think about Chiropractors advertising on Facebook should matter to you. I’ve spent more […]

What Do I Really Think About Spinal Screenings?

Industry norms. They are how things are done because that’s how they’ve always been done. Every industry has them. Many times, industry norms ignore the wants, objections, and sensitivities of the marketplace and negatively impact the image of that type of business. Spinal screenings are a perfect example of this in our own industry. This […]


Doing anything that someone else can do for $50 or less per hour is a sure sign that a small business owner doesn’t understand or appreciate the value of LEVERAGE. LEVERAGE IS EVERYTHING. LEVERAGE SHOULD BE ON YOUR MIND 24-7. LEVERAGE PROVIDES YOU THE POWER AND EFFECTIVENESS THAT YOU NEED TO GET THE MOST OUT […]