When Patients Need More Than Relief Care

Okay, so a patient comes in and you feel strongly that they need more than relief care. What should you do? Well, most consultants would tell you to show them their x-rays and scare them into compliance. Others would tell you to educate them about Chiropractic philosophy and the damaging effects of the subluxation. Both […]

Chiropractic Marketing Math

There’s a saying in marketing, “If you don’t know how much a customer is worth, then how do you know how much you can spend to ‘get’ one?” The fact is, most D.C.s don’t know how much a patient is worth and/or they don’t spend enough to get one. They guess, but they don’t really […]

Why Patients Don’t Refer

This may be a hard pill to swallow but without a doubt, here are the reasons patients don’t refer: Personality conflict No wow factor/s Didn’t get what they wanted Didn’t enjoy the process Questioned the care plan No clear reason why others should choose you over all other options Didn’t value the care/experience as much […]

Missed appointments. Patient Drop Out. What To Do.

Chiropractors make this mistake often… A patient misses an appointment and/or drops out. The doctor talks to staff about it and either a letter or a phone call goes out to the patient. Being a bigger fan of results than process, if it worked, I’d say do it. But it rarely does nothing more than […]