Why Chiropractic “Websites” Are Vastly Overrated


Do you have a website? Good for you but before you consider your website as “marketing”, there are some things that you should know: Chiropractic patients do not choose doctors based on who has a website or who has a better website. “SEO” is overrated. Even if you are on page one, you probably aren’t […]

Top 3 Costly Practice Signage Mistakes


Living in California, I drive by a lot of Chiropractic offices… and when I do, I cringe. No wonder consumers are so confused. Most of these practice signs do a great job REPELLING patients. …and here are the top 3 offenders: Bad Name – “Chiropractor”, “Wellness”, or any cute name that is meant to “brand” […]

Every Chiropractor Who Joins ChiroTrust is Unique.


Every Chiropractor who joins ChiroTrust is unique. But what they fail to realize is that is their market isn’t. People are people. They all want a fair deal. They all know what they want. …and they all deserve a quality product, service, and experience. A doctor’s practice will practically grow without effort when and if […]

Play Your Own Game


In Chiropractic, the doctors who succeed with the least amount of effort are those who play their own game. Their success is based on their own definition, not the definition of the masses. Now, I’m not referring to those who “close” patients for as much money and care as humanly possible. Those doctors will eventually […]

Market More


I don’t like advertising but I love marketing because when it comes to business, everything is marketing. Advertising is expecting your discounted offer and your name, rank, and serial number to make your phone to ring. Marketing attracts the right customers, clients, and patients at the right time, with the right message and solution, when […]